The Shona People


Pounding maize to make a staple dish called Sadza

Pronounced “Mo-Ro-Yee”, that means “hello” in Shona, the language spoken by the Shona people, with whom I will be living and working during my internship.  The Shona are known best for their stone carvings and buildings, such as The Great Zimbabwe, ruins of an ancient palace.  Find more information about the Shona and their accomplishments at the links below!

The Shona People and Culture

The Great Zimbabwe History

The Great Zimbabwe Architecture

The Great Zimbabwe Photos

great ruins
Aerial view of The Great Zimbabwe



I will begin my journey tomorrow!  Keep me in your prayers and check back about once a week!


Love, Lee


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  1. We got to go to the Great Zimbabwe ruins in 2009, they’re amazing! I hope you get the chance to visit them while you’re in Africa. See you soon!

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