From the polluted beach and into the rolling hills,

We drive and drive

On their rough roads, through their shanty towns.

From here I can see

the void in their pockets,

the debts to be paid,

the sweat on their brows,

the death in their eyes,

the flies on their lips,

the price on their heads,

the amulet around their necks,

the chip in their shoulders,

the thorns in their sides,

the dirt under their nails,

the weight on their backs,

the pain in their joints,

the calluses on their feet,

the curse on their health,

the recklessness of their decisions,

the despair in their hearts,

the invasion of their souls,

the weight of their world,

the hate of their Enemy.


From the red dirt ground and into the bright heavens,

We sing and sing

On His narrow road, through His Holy Son.

From here I can see

the redemption in their eyes,

the uplifting of their countenances,

the rejuvenation of their bodies,

the joy in their steps,

the inscription of their names,

the empowerment of their women,

the wisdom of their men,

the protection around their endeavors,

the understanding in their homes,

the prosperity of their estates,

the harvest of their fields,

the abundance in their land,

the victory over their enemies,

the conquering of their strongholds,

the liberation of their captivity,

the healing of their hearts,

the renewal of their spirits,

the salvation of their souls,

the love of their Lord.

From here, I can see.



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