Exciting News!

I am honored to receive the 2011 Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship from the Katie Memorial Foundation!  This scholarship will go towards funding my practicum experience here in Mozambique!  You can read more about the scholarship and the foundation here.

I have also decided to extend my stay here for another month.  I will return to the states on May 11th.  Not only am I having a wonderful time here, but I also feel that I need to establish a firmer foundation for this education project.  I would like to increase its sustainability and minimize the amount of supervision necessary after my departure.

I would like to leave funds for the Makomborero Nutrition Program to continue the education program for the next year.  Firstly, each health educator will be supplied with her own training guide with teaching posters.  Each training guide requires a large binder with many page protectors for the posters, plus paper and ink.  The supplies necessary for each training guide will cost about $20.  There will also be more and more transport costs, as Dorca and the other health educators travel to remote villages to teach the hygiene and health curriculum.  Each volunteer health educator will also receive an incentive gift with a value of about $6 for every course she teaches after she is trained.  Lastly, to supply 300 caretakers with one bar of soap as a reward for their participation in the course I’ve been teaching, will only cost $50!

Would you consider donating to this project?  A gift of any amount would be helpful to spread life-saving knowledge!  You could also consider plegding a monthly donation for one year.  If you would like to donate to the project, please give it as a gift through Paypal (paypal.com).  You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use it.  All you need is my email address: leevani1@gmail.com.  Just go to paypal.com, and click on “Send Money”, and then fill out the form and follow the prompts.  I will then write one check to the organization for this project.  If this is not suitable, please email me to discuss other methods of donation, or if you have questions about the project.  Thank you very much for carefully considering this project, and for your continued support!

Please pray that this project would save lives!


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