1.  Dorca, Supervisor of Health Education: “I will remember all those times together.  Actually, you teach me a lot.  There’s a lot of things which I didn’t know, but through you, so, some of things I know, I know now…Thank you for those times of sharing deep things to me.  So I really appreciate that.  Even my English is not very good but you also teach me, correct me.  Through you, actually, I’m much better than I was.  I really appreciate that.”

2. “Thank you so much for teaching these things to us!  They are very important and many of the younger women don’t know about these things.”  This woman brought an offering of a sack of food from her field in thanks to Dorca and I for teaching the hygiene and health curriculum. (translated from Shona – Vatewe)

3. Catarina Pedro of Chequeda village: “I feel like I have been given opportunity to learn some things. When I had questions they responded without doubt.  For example in the hygiene lesson we learned that feces has bacteria. Another thing about diarrhea the ladies didn’t know how to prepare re-hydration fluid at home, and we didn’t know that if someone has diarrhea they need to drink a lot of water to replace the fluid that the body has lost. Many times we thought that if someone has diarrhea you must not give water because it will make it worse. Now we know that we have to give water. About breastfeeding babies, we were wrong.  We thought the first milk that comes out yellow is bad milk and would harm the baby. In this the lesson taught us to understand that the first, yellow milk helps prevent illnesses and the white milk helps the baby to grow.  About water, we didn’t know how to treat water so that it is drinkable. How to use a cloth to filter or put it in the sun, 3 containers for 3 days. With the lessons I know many things and I like this program and it is my desire to teach these lessons to other ladies, I am available. It is my last week of learning and next week I will start to teach too.” (translated from Portuguese)


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