Carroll Behrhorst International Health Award!

Surprising and happy news!  I have been selected to receive the Carroll Behrhorst International Health Award at the May 2012 Tulane Graduation Ceremony.  I am honored!  “This award recognizes a student who demonstrates academic excellence and dedication to primary health care in lesser developed countries.  It is named for physician Carroll Behrhorst, who established a medical program to serve rural Kaqchikel Indians of the Guatemala highlands in Chimaltenango. The clinic served as a community health care training program as well. Behrhorst’s approach of combining health care and community development was selected in 1974 by the World Health Organization as a model for all developing countries.”  Of course, I will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony in May (the official ceremony for students who completed the MPH program in the previous summer, fall and current spring semester), but they will share a small blurb about what I am doing now in South Sudan!  I’m amazed at what God does to honor His children and bring favor to all situations!


3 thoughts on “Carroll Behrhorst International Health Award!

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  1. That is wonderful!!! I am so proud of you. Not just for the award but for all you have accomplished and all you do. You are amazing and it really makes me feel honored to be your mother!
    I am sorry you (and therefore, we) are missing graduation 😦 Maybe someone else like Tulu could video tape some parts of the ceremony including your award for you (and us) to see?
    Your Katie Evans and Carroll Behrhorst awards will look great on your CV and the work you do will honor both of these dedicated people. And of course you honor everyone you serve. You go girl!!!
    Busting out Proud Mom

  2. Congratulations Lee – that’s wonderful news. Can you videotape your acceptance speech so they can play it at the graduation ceremony?

  3. Congratulations! No one deserves it more. I hope your story inspires others to care so unselfishly for the poorest and most helpless people in the world.

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