Crazy Logistics

I recently heard someone say that having a job in South Sudan on your resume means you can work in any context. I have also heard that South Sudan is one of the most difficult places to work because the logistics and transport is so difficult. I certainly have experienced that in my 9 months.... Continue Reading →


2nd Quarterly Summary

I'm sorry that it’s been way too long since the last blog entry!  Since the last one, I've finished a rotation, had an R&R with my family in Kenya (great!!!), and now I'm 2 weeks away from the third R&R to Nigeria to attend a friend's wedding!  Below are a few significant events and descriptions... Continue Reading →

After returning to Juba from Addis Ababa, I attended the Medair South Sudan Quarterly Meeting over 3 days.  All management on the programs and program support side were in attendance, and that includes me!  As I looked around the room, I felt distinctly young and inexperienced in comparison to the roughly 20 others in attendance. ... Continue Reading →

Carroll Behrhorst International Health Award!

Surprising and happy news!  I have been selected to receive the Carroll Behrhorst International Health Award at the May 2012 Tulane Graduation Ceremony.  I am honored!  "This award recognizes a student who demonstrates academic excellence and dedication to primary health care in lesser developed countries.  It is named for physician Carroll Behrhorst, who established a... Continue Reading →

Unity. I attended a meeting with the county Health Officer, the chief of the town, and one of Medair’s Community Liaison Officers (CLOs), Oyay.  The purpose of the meeting was to plan for a Hygiene Promoter Training.  We asked them to mobilize the community, inviting all town residents to attend the community meeting the next... Continue Reading →


They will meet. Six of us drove around all day to have meetings with various community elders, chiefs, and to visit the clinics that Medair is helping to rehabilitate and capacity build.  I came along to attend meetings with the boma (village) chiefs to request that they mobilize their people for a community meeting at which... Continue Reading →


After receiving some interesting questions in response to the last post, I wanted to share the answers with you, as well as some additional notes. Q: Are you really the first white person they have seen? A: Probably not.  Surely they have seen photos of white people on consumer packaging, as well as the other... Continue Reading →

First Experiences in “the Field”

I have an appetite but the food here is not appetizing or filling to me.  I feel hungry often.  I am eating rice, corn meal porridge (sadza/ugali), overcooked, oily cabbage, oily overcooked green beans and carrots, fried fish from the Nile, boiled green bananas, goat meat and livers (which I couldn't stomach), oily beans (pretty... Continue Reading →

Preparing for take-off

I very much enjoyed a 4 day stay in Nairobi. Medair has an office and two apartments there - one for the rest and recuperation (RnR) for the Somalia/Somaliland team and one for the SDS team. I stayed 3 nights in the Somaliland apt. because no one is in the SDS apt, and then 2... Continue Reading →

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